Lawn Chemical Labels

Customer's can use this section to view lawn chemical labels; Including all EPA safety and warning materials from any pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides used on their lawn.

Simply click on the chemical name found in your contract to view and print the label.

Common Weeds in the Hudson Valley


Clover is by far the most common low-growing weed in all parts of the country.


This type of grass is fast-moving, able to sprawl across your entire yard in the blink of an eye.
TIP: One of the best ways you can help attack crabgrass is through deep, less-frequent watering.


Dallisgrass is a durable perennial that spreads and thrives in most and conditions. Once established in your lawn, seeds will be abundant in the soil and any open areas of the turf will be invaded.


An icon of summer indeed, but a tireless, persistent weed all the same. Because of their floating seed, these weeds are incredibly difficult to control and fight healthy grass for vital nutrients and space.


Nutsedge is a difficult-to-control perennial weed that can survive and reproduce in the most adverse of conditions.


Thistles are an invasive weed species that exert negative effects on your lawn and garden.