Why a Swim Pond?

Dipping Ponds or Recreational Ponds = Are custom built ponds for those considering a pool, but don't want to swim in chlorine or other harsh chemicals. These ponds are constructed to filter water "naturally" through wetland/bog filtration and allow Koi and/or other aquatic life to thrive.

These Ponds are fully customizable ponds which feature both deep and shallow swimming areas. Custom features such as swimming lap-lane, negative edge waterfall, tanning ledge, beach-entry and jumping rocks can be added. Wetlands and intake filtration bays help maintain the perfect eco-system balance.

Dipping Ponds:
Starting @ $54,795 for a 11' x 18' x 4'

Recreational Ponds:
Starting @ $104,995 for a 16' x 25' x 5'

*All recreational ponds are subject to local codes.

* As shown, $265,000

Have an Earth Pond?

Pond Rejuvenation = Do you have excessive muck, algae, aquatic plants, or lilies? Contact us today; we can help!

Pond Rejuvenation consist of adding to nature's already existing bio-filters to help balance your pond's water and eco-system. We add wetland filtration, an intake bay, and a waterfall to help return your pond's eco-system back to harmony. These additions work with nature, not against it!

Pond Rejuvenation projects are dependent on scope and size but the average is $90/per square feet of surface water needed for the Wetland and Intake bay.

Example: A 100' x 50' pond is 5000 square feet of surface. The wetland needs to be 30% (on average) of the total surface area or 5000 x 30% = 1500 sq. ft. 1500 plus an intake bay of 500 sq. feet = 2000 sq. ft. 2000 sq. ft. x $90/ sq. ft. = $180,000 (includes standard waterfall return)

* As shown, $315,000

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